Powerblog: Excuse Me For Fangasming

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I periodically take to the interwebs looking up Power Pack stuff. Sometimes, it’s things I cannot un-see and which sadden me immeasurably. I’m not linking that. Check Tumblr, but just be prepared, and for FSM’s sake, don’t do it at work.

Sometimes, though, pure, unadulterated awesome results, instead. Like discovering that Roy Richardson and June Brigman are doing anniversary Power Pack commissions:

My wife June Brigman and I are 30 year veteran comic artists. June is known primarily as the co-creator (with writer Louise Simonson) of the Power Pack comic. 2014 is the 30th anniversary of Power Pack #1, and, as far as we know, Marvel is doing nothing to commemorate the anniversary other than planning a few reprints. We’ve decided to take on a limited number of Power Pack commissions via Comic Art Fans as our way of commemorating this event.

My heart’s a-flutter here, folks. New, original June Brigman Power Pack art is in a-borning! Short of getting the gang back together and letting Simonson and Brigman do a full-on anniversary comic or mini or graphic novel or whatever-the-hell-they-want-to-because-squee!, this is just the balm I need for the realization that Power Pack will be 30 years old next year, which makes me … older than that.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I need to step away from the computer and strain my back doing cartwheels and a happy dance or two.


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