Dirty Living Does You In

It took me a very long time to finally let go of my hard key phone for a touch screen. I’m still adjusting. I’m not much of a fan of soft keyboards, though I suppose I’m getting used to it. But the smudges. Oh, dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, the smudges drive me crazy. On a whim I typed into the interwebs asking the google to tell me if there was a good way to prevent the smudges, and I found out about smudge attacks.

The University of Pennsylvania produced a research paper on the topic and basically concluded that they could figure out the password over 90 percent of the time. The study also found that “pattern smudges,” which build up from writing the same password numerous times, are particularly recognizable. Furthermore: “We showed that in many situations full or partial pattern recovery is possible, even with smudge ‘noise’ from simulated application usage or distortion caused by incidental clothing contact.”

Oh, great oogly mooglies. Seriously, it’s not enough that I have neurotic fits about the phone looking smudgy. Turns out, not cleaning the screen may actually make it easier for folks to break into it. Because I needed even more paranoid scenarios to kick of my neuroses.

I think I’m having a clean cloth sewn into every one of my clothes.


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