Amazing Introductions Deserve Better Conclusions

Via Twitter and Comics Worth Reading, I just found out that Joey Manley passed away. The Modern Tales sites hadn’t been much on my radar of late, but by originally pulling them together, Manley is responsible for introducing me to an insane number of amazing creators.

Through MT / Graphic Smash / Girlamatic, I found, just off the top of my head, Jenn Manley Lee (with Dicebox), Dylan Meconis (with Bite Me), Raina Telgemeier (with Smile), Spike (with Lucas and Odessa), Stephen Crowley (with Magellan), and Ursula Vernon (with Digger).

I’m quite certain I’m forgetting people, but of course making a comprehensive list isn’t the point. It’s this: by bringing a bunch of talented people together, Manley made it possible for me and I don’t know how many other people to find them all a bit easier. And following them, of course, inevitably leads to finding other creators in the ether, and continues to broaden our artistic landscape in a lot of wonderful ways.

So … yeah. I feel like I owe Manley quite a bit. He’ll be missed.


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