Powerblog: On Recommending Good Novels

This one is probably less comics-related than a lot of other bits, but it continues to speak to the many influences Power Pack had on impressionable, younger me. 1

I mentioned previously that Julie Power was one of the characters I related to almost instantly, largely due to her thorough love of fantasy and science fiction books. It wasn’t something that just sort of cropped up in the first issue and disappeared, either. Julie was quite often found reading long into the night, or into the day. She found literature of the fantastic just as engrossing once her life had become a fantastic narrative of its own as she did when she thought it was all pretend.

Mind you, Julie’s choices had a tendency to reflect those real life fantastic elements. So, shortly after her encounter with Dragon-Man, she was found in her next adventure reading–and name-checking–Anne McCaffrey’s dragon books.2

When I found out that McCaffrey was an actual author who had written actual books about dragons, that I could be reading the same book Julie was raving about, there wasn’t really a question about tracking them down.

Mind you, I read them a bit backwards. The dragonrider books proper were for quite some time always checked out when I was in the library, but the Harper Hall Trilogy was available, so I started there. So while most folks saw the Harper stuff as a side narrative, in my head the dragonriders were always a background element for the story of Menolly and the Harpers, whose lives were eventually fleshed out in Dragonsdawn. That’s probably why I feel the series sort of ties together into a poetic conclusion when the original Master Harper from those books passes away.

In any case, never let it be said that comics can’t lead to outside interests, I suppose. Also: dragons are cool, but fire lizards are more fun.

1. Older me is still pretty impressionable when it comes to those damn kids, but at the time, I had the excuse of youth, so I’m taking it while I can. ;) [back]

2. Incidentally, this was also my first exposure to Brent Anderson, who always brings the awesome to Astro City.[back]


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