D(r)oodles: Was the Pen Deadlier Than the Sword?

It’s the final suspect, folks. Assistant to the good Revered Crisparkle, aspiring author, but little-seen in our tale, is the mysterious Mr. Bazzard:

Uh oh. It appears Mr. Bazzard may have taken “poison pen” a bit literally…


D(r)oodles: An Exorcise … in Murder?

Keeper of the faith in fair Cloisterham, guardian and mentor to the Landless twins, we come to Reverend Crisparkle:

I’m sure he’s just planning to do some carpentry with that hammer and those very large spikes. Right?

D(r)oodles: Has Dealing Opium Lead to Dealing Death?

Next on our list of suspects is the Princess Puffer. Fallen woman with a mysterious past, no one knows quite what might be behind the eyes of this opium-dealing harlot:

She’s lifted her skirts for many, but has she always been hiding a dagger under them? Danger, Drood!

D(r)oodles: Were the Choirmaster’s Secrets Worth Killing For?

More suspects. Today, meet Drood’s uncle, Rosa Bud’s voice teacher, the choirmaster of Cloisterham, John Jasper:

Jasper and Drood are the only family each other has, and the closest of friends. But goodness, is Edwin meant to drink whatever’s in that glass?

D(r)oodles: Were the Thorns of This Frail Flower Unexpectedly Deadly?

As promised, we’re trickling out our poster sketches. Today, the innocent ingenue of the piece, Edwin’s betrothed, and object of John Jasper’s unwanted attentions: Rosa Bud.

Pretty, dainty, and … wait, why does she have that ribbon pulled like a garrote?

Holiday Slump

I’ve been trying to keep up, but between the holidays, the show I’m in rehearsals for, and the day job, I’m finding it especially hard to find the time to compose anything that I think is posting-ready / worthy. I did manage to finish all the Drood sketches for the poster I’m working on, though (see: other reasons for not enough writing time, part 16).

So, there won’t be much nattering by me, but I do plan to post the sketches throughout the week. So, low-content coming, but at least a trickle so no one thinks I’m abandoning this little project too soon. I’m hoping this will give me the time to put a few things in the queue for next week so that we’re back on track.