Tech Sun-dead

Apologies for no Monday post, and further apologies for not much of one today. That local production of Peter Pan that my fiancée is costume designing for opens this Thursday, so since last Thursday we’ve been all but living at the theatre. I don’t sew, so mine is the manual labor: running errands, carrying costumes, fetching food. For this show, too, because of the steampunk paraphernalia he’s making, there’s been a lot of added hot glue and painting — of both the spray and sponge kind.

There has been much soreness and exhaustion to be had, a glue burn or two, and my left thumb has a semi-permanent blackness from holding things to spray paint, and yesterday was mostly me with the creeping crud one picks up from the collection of folk in similar states of exhaustion; one wouldn’t want to see the words I’d try to string together, then. But, hey, all in the name of art, yes?

In any event, I’ll try to get back on track here, but if things slow down as we face the final few days, one hopes you’ll forgive the sparseness here in order to help with the Pan-magic happening over at Manatee Players.


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