I’m Moving!

A black and brown Dachshund raising its front half out of a cardboard box
photo credit Erda Estremera

So, since I last updated here, I finally gave in to the inevitable. I took a pen name, registered a domain, and now, after much fiddling and gnashing of teeth, I’ve set loose my questionable design skills in a whole new place:

A screenshot of website, titled "Jaxton Kimble"

Jaxton Kimble’s going to serve as Writerly Me going forward, and since the hope is that this makes me easier to find, I figured the much more straightforward jaxtonkimble.com would feed into that same strategy.

I’ve migrated the Process Wonk blog content over thataway, and — after this update — that’s where my sporadic ramblings will be showing up. I’m still working out what I can / will do over here. For now, this particular “You’re going the wrong way!” message in case the internet decides to stymie me and send folks here despite my best efforts. I anticipate removing most of the rest of the content as I find the time, as well, to avoid redundancy. So by the time you read this, theoretical wandering reader, it may be the only piece of content still lingering. In which case: hie thee to my real place and join that rainbow chaos!


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